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Siameze Marco Floyd was born to dance! And now that you have that point perfectly understood, it is our pleasure to introduce you to one of the most electrifying, new, young talents to come along in a generation.



This dynamic Capricorn has toured the world as one of the featured dancers with international Pop/Dance goddess, WANDA DEE (Hip-Hop Pioneer and lead vocalist for the British multi-platinum, Techno/Rock group, The KLF on Arista/BMG) and intercontinental master showman and producer, ERIC FLOYD who just also happen to be his legendary parents. Visiting over 40 countries on 5 continents, knowing that experience is the best teacher, he has shared the stage with his parents (as Dance Captain & Choreographer) at some of the finest rock halls, arenas, festivals & nightclubs around the globe. From Dancer to Assistant to Dance Captain to Choreographer, he worked his way up in rank, position & showmanship! ~ Wanda DEE.



Raised in a showbiz household, and now residing between residences in Las Vegas (The Entertainment Capital Of The World) & Los Angeles, his natural born gifts for becoming one with complex rhythms, global percussions, vocal harmonies / arrangements & comedic timing were all honed by his disciplined upbringing and the amazing host of legendary industry friends that were frequent guests on his families stage and in his family home while growing up. Eclectic industry names such as Prince, Eartha Kitt, Shirley Bassey, Freda Payne, Martha Wash, Vanilla Ice, Lisa Lisa, Freedom Williams, Monifah, Loleatta Holloway, CeCe Peniston, Vivian Reed, Ashford & Simpson, Carol Douglas, Carol Williams, Barbara Tucker, D'Atra Hicks, Turbo B, Kathy Sledge, Dionne Warwick, Connie Francis, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Sisqo, The Checkmates, Earl Turner, Rob Base, Montell Jordan, Afrika Bambaataa, Morris Day & The Time are just but a few of the show business veterans that he has either shared a stage and/or broke bread with.


Training vocally with his mother and dramatically with his father twice weekly since a child, has kept his talents polished and poised for eventual superstardom; as it is his family’s personal mantra that ‘luck is merely when opportunity meets preparation’!




An avid sportsman, Siameze was both the captain of his wrestling, track and dance teams in high school (where he left 2 years early to join the family 'show' business on the road while being home schooled throughout) and absolutely loves physical activity. An admirer of all things artistic & a passionate nature lover, he is also a skilled fashion designer (designing ALL of his personal & performance wardrobe) & gourmet chef; who has never met an animal he did not like. This young man finds it hard to even swat at a fly.



One of the very rare artists that is able to write, arrange & produce their own hits, he has currently released his debut Urban Pop/Funk/Rock & Soul album; "THE GODSON OF ROCK & SOUL" (which is also what his unchallenged marquee title was when he became Vegas' youngest headliner). Siameze's original materials range from the thumping Rock infused "YELLOW BRICK ROAD", the Gospel-Rock-A-Billy verve of "FEEL GOOD REAL GOOD" (w/Chico Bennett), the Euro-Pop strands of "I'M OKAY" & "WHEREVER YOU GO" (w/Ted Perlman); the Studio 54 Dance throw back / throw down of "NEW YORK KIND O' LOVE" (w/Mickey Garcia), the R&B drenched “PLEASE DON’T LIE TO ME” (w/VuDu Spellz) & an 8 1/2 minute High Energy Funk & Soul searing remake of the 80's Rick James classic; "GIVE IT 2 ME BABY" ( that opens with a 60+ second a cappella that punctuates that Siameze's 5 octave voice possesses all the skill, technique, power, passion & range of a veteran vocal virtuoso. What makes his recordings unique amongst many of his generational peers today is that he shuns auto tune on his leads and sings each and every background note you're hearing, with up to lush layered 7 part harmonies. It is now selling briskly on I-TUNES & AMAZON (





Siameze was chosen by DEEP ROCK DRIVE to be one of the privileged beta-testing artists on the interactive online concert technology site that will made it possible for anyone, anywhere in the world to watch their favorite artists live on the web in REAL TIME ( Sponsored by PEPSI, Siameze performed an electrifying 65 minute set for them live from Las Vegas that is still available online today on YouTube. It was also then that Siameze turned one his songs, NEW YORK KIND O' LOVE into a 60 second spot he put on his debut album entitled PEPSI KIND O' LOVE!





After making his headlining Vegas debut at Elvis' Night Club on Sahara, Siameze continued to mount his solo career, starting with an initial SRO 5-night stand @ The Las Vegas Hilton's Shimmer Cabaret and had them standing outside 3 rows deep in the 350 seat capacity venue to see him and his band (THE ALLEY CATZ) blaze the stage each night. His response was so good back in June 2009, that Hilton VP of Entertainment, Rick White, had Siameze return on Friday, August 14th to play The LV Hilton's main (1,600 capacity) show room, which he did to a star studded, sold out audience. What made this a true milestone in Siameze's career, wasn't the fact that he had been moved into The LV Hilton's main legendary showroom where Elvis had performed his very last concert back in the 70's, but he also dedicated his opening night to The King Of Pop, Michael Jackson, who had just died a few weeks prior. Joined onstage by a myriad of music luminaries (Sisqo, Kathy Sledge, Delisco, his Mom, Wanda Dee & even American Idol's Vocal Coach From Hell, Miss Peggi Blu), who came up to sing with him on the R&B classic; "YOU ARE MY FRIEND"; just one of the many magical moments that was caught on tape for his first home DVD concert release. Even as part of his Dad's all-star concert series, Eric Floyd's OLD SCHOOL PARTY, he stole the show when Sister Sledge pulled him from backstage to join them on ''HE'S THE GREATEST DANCER" (Eric Floyd's Old School Party 1 & Eric Floyd's Old School Party 2) and his liquid legs set the stage ablaze!




In 2010, while still headlining in Sin City, Vegas's #1 Rock station, KKLZ had chosen Siameze to be 1 of 4 finalist to compete in their battle of the bands ('Fight For Fest') @ The South Point Casino. Living up to his own personal motto that 'TRUE ARTISTS DON'T COMPETE, THEY INSPIRE ONE ANOTHER', he was all to happy to come in 2nd place after a 20 minute / 6 song romp that left both he, his band and his audience, spent.




In 2011, Siameze would have to put that 'personal motto' to practical use once more as he found himself (with his Manager / Father Eric's urging), a Top 32 finalist out of over 800,000 auditionees in 6 states, 30,000 in L.A. alone, where he himself auditioned in the U.S. airing of Simon Cowell's X-FACTOR on FOX TV ( & & &






Shortly thereafter, purely on an ever growing media popularity, producers of the hit Spike TV show; "1,000 WAYS TO DIE" asked him to appear on the show as a television singing competition expert, not taking himself so seriously, he was all too happy to oblige. Not losing momentum, his Dad decided to commence work on their family reality show; "GODDESS EMPIRE" ( &, which TMZ was all too happy to break the story about ('X Factor' Contestant Siameze Floyd Comes From Polyamorist Family).




Just when America thought they had seen it all, Tuesday, September 25, 2012, Siameze appeared with his family, 'THE FABULOUS FLOYDS of GODDESS EMPIRE' on the hit new daytime talk show; "THE TRISHA SHOW", where in addition to the hour long expose dedicated to his unique & talented clan (where his parents spoke openly about their 3-decade long poly-amorist marriage, but also shared a first ever major television appearance of their 'Spirit Wives' -, Siameze turned in a stellar performance of his original track; "PLEASE DON'T LIE TO ME" that cemented the fact firmly that he was a stand alone legit singer of incredible renown & impeccable technique (! Speaking candidly about the love of his family and how it "saved his life" as a teenager when he began to experiment with drugs & alcohol", he later returned in the broadcast to perform his no-holds-barred rendition of "GIVE IT 2 ME BABY"! An extra added highlight of this show was seeing Siameze and his longtime girlfriend, Latin Pop Star, Kristine Mirelle publicly declare & share their love affair with the world (


Even with all of the invaluable performance and life experiences Siameze has endured, he feels like he's just getting started and has miles to go before he has made his indelible mark in an industry he greatly loves, cherishes and respects. This triple threat is made of the stuff that legends are made from; discipline, dedication, devotion, dogma, divinity and an unwavering determination and work ethic. Blessed with the cherubic face of an angel and a sleekly defined, chiseled body forged by the fires of a lifetime of daily workouts, good eating and prayer; Siameze is equally at home on the live stage, big or small screen or recording studio. And like the pioneers who proceeded him (ie. Michael Jackson, Prince, Ben Vereen, Sammy Davis, Jr.), there is no doubt in anyone’s mind who has ever seen him in action, that his balls to the walls, no nonsense, kick ass performance style harkens back to a bygone error when performers made it actually because they had something we called... ugh... TALENT!





"If Michael Jackson & Prince could have ever had a baby, SIAMEZE would be that love child...

and James Brown, Tina Turner, Elvis & Eartha Kitt would be the grandparents!"




"I have known 3 musical geniuses in my life... Sammy Davis, Jr., Michael Jackson and Siameze"





"This young man Siameze is going to be a very big star"





"He's got more energy than JAMES BROWN, more funk than GEORGE CLINTON...

he's SIAMEZE & he's two people in one"

---An excited fan leaving Siameze's Vegas showroom





Critic review # 1 - Las Vegas Hilton opening night lounge show
Critic review # 2 - Las Vegas Hilton opening night main showroom
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Siameze LIVE!
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Siameze, Godson Of Rock N' Soul, "Hero"
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